Miguel Guerrero


Miguel Guerrero is a Florida-based Salsa artist who, like the dance form, has a distinctive level of flair in both his musicality and the visuals of each performance. His charismatic persona and his dedication to developing compositions that are captivating, emotionally moving, and wholly entertaining are apparent in his solo and collaborative works throughout the years. Currently, he is the lead singer of the twelve-piece Salsa band Orchestra Fuego, and his journey to this point (which began at a young age) has greatly informed the value that he provides to this band.

Miguel comes from a family that has actively been a part of music, and its members’ influence on him has helped him amass a comprehensive understanding of this art form. As a result, he has effectively been able to craft musical pieces that are nuanced but enjoyable. Despite him living in an environment that revolved around music and dance, it wasn’t, however, until the age of 12 when he began to sing.

Born and raised in his hometown of Caguas, Puerto Rico, he learned from both his family and the prevalent music culture in his neighborhood and region. Once his journey began, Miguel soon realized that he would need to hone his skills and increase his knowledge of this art form to truly make his music unique and interesting to audiences. Thus, he enrolled himself at the University on the Chamber Choir and Choral Choir.

What truly made him the artist that he is today, however, is the knowledge of music and the ability to put on a show for his audience. This necessary intersection between dance and music was only made possible through his years of experience performing live.

His time at the university allowed his music and skill to be recognized by Ismael Miranda, a Salsa legend. Thus, the man facilitated a unique opportunity for Miguel as a backup singer. At 21 years old, he entered the music industry and toured with the legend. Their collaboration led him to interact and perform alongside Grammy winners, including India, Ednita Nazario, Victor Manuelle, Jose Alberto “El Canario”, and more.

The love from a growing fanbase and encouraging words from industry leaders helped him see a future for himself that went beyond that of a backup vocalist. So, he altered his path to the United States, where he released his first single in 2018 as a collaboration with multiple producers and musicians in the state. In 2019, Miguel recorded his first full album with the multi award winning band, Orchestra Fuego, in the album Vengan Todos a Bailar.  More recently in 2020, he recorded the second album with Orchestra Fuego Baila Mi Salsa.

For now, Miguel Guerrero continues performing live, as well as recording and filming music video projects with the band Orchestra Fuego.  His goal is to present listeners with music that not only encourages them to dance to their rhythms but also to evoke a strong emotional response that is characteristic of the beauty of Salsa.