Luis “Torpedo” Aponte

Torpedo credits Marcus for his inspiration as a musician.  He and Marcus first met when Torpedo relocated from Puerto Rico to New York in the late 70’s. After auditioning, Marcus invited him to be the lead trumpet of his band called Fuego ’77.  He recalls, “Marcus believed in me and took me to the studio to record the trumpet for his new album. From that experience, I became so passionate with performing that this was all I wanted to do.” He later started singing backup with many bands like Rafy Diaz, Tito Rojas, Marvin Santiago, Junior Toledo, Primi Cruz and many others. Until one day Pedro Conga invited him to be a part of his band, La Orquesta Internacional. Since then, he’s both played and sung as part of many bands. 

 Torpedo is influenced vocally by Axel Martinez from Pedro Conga’s band and Junior Toledo from Los Compadres. His timing, unique vocal sound, and spontaneous lyrics, sets him apart from other singers. His improvisations come from his concentration of the song’s theme and keen observation of what is going on in the room, which makes his audience connected to what he is singing about.  He makes it more entertaining by adding his infectious humor and vivacious spirit. 

 When he first heard Marcus also moved to Florida, he was excited to work with him again after many years. Torpedo states, “It was like a party for me. I was so excited about this. He started me into this musical journey,” he adds, “and put me on the map of this wonderful world of music. After working with many artists and developing my skills over the years.  It seems to have come full circle now, and at just the right time to be working together again on the same path.” He looks forward to even greater accomplishments with Orchestra Fuego.